A leap forward in background checks

As hiring teams embrace streamlined modern tech for day-to-day tasks, their background check services remain stuck in the past. Checkr offers a leap forward to a faster, smoother, safer experience for you and your candidates.

You're in a hurry. We supercharge the way you hire.

Other screening services rely on researchers to find, parse, and evaluate data – an error-prone process that slows your hiring. Checkr's modern tech helps you eliminate bottlenecks.

99% of background checks are automated after data retrieval, with human Q/A 

Our charge classifier rapidly standardizes court data into an intuitive report you can take action on

Why choose Checkr

97% of customers

say our turnaround time is faster than the competition

84% of checks

are ready in less than
15 minutes

How Checkr can help

You have a lot on your plate. We free you from manual tasks.

Let’s cut down the time you have to spend reminding your candidates to complete tasks, slogging through the details of background check reports, and managing adverse actions manually. Checkr gives you: 

  • Background check reports with standardized language and customizable filtering
  • A mobile-first, user-friendly candidate experience 
  • Automated follow-ups to guide candidates
  • Multilingual candidate support
integrations connect with the applications you use every day
of our customers say Checkr has simplified their daily work

You want to be fair and compliant. We bring you peace of mind.

Checkr’s automations and filters help ensure your decisions are more accurate, fair, and compliant. 

  • Programmatic screening ensures consistent decisions, reducing adverse action rates by up to 20%
  • Helps you stay compliant with evolving local regulations
  • Reduces candidate rejection rates by up to 10% (without sacrificing risk tolerance)
  • FCRA trained experts stand ready to assist you

Customers who switched to Checkr report

Lower risk/better compliance
improved accuracy

“Checkr background checks are awesome.”

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