Place candidates quickly, keep clients happy

With Checkr, staffing companies can screen quickly and efficiently with a modern background check platform.

How background check delays impact your staffing business

Lost revenue

Every hour that a candidate hasn’t started impacts your organization’s ability to get paid.

Lost candidates

Candidates will drop out of the funnel due to slow turnaround times or a poor background check experience.

Unsatisfied clients

When candidate start dates get pushed back, trust in your team’s ability to deliver is compromised.

Speed time to placement with a modern platform

Staffing companies can reduce time to fill and convert more candidates with a platform that delivers fast, accurate background checks and improves your team’s efficiency.

Avoid background check delays

98% of national criminal record checks complete within one hour; 75% of reports complete within one day.

Move candidates through the funnel faster

Mobile-first candidate portal offers easy-to-complete forms, status updates, online resources, and direct access to support.

Fill positions faster

Automated workflows and advanced adjudication tools help your teams fill positions quickly.

Streamline your background check process

Checkr’s technology-first platform delivers advanced features designed to improve your team manages background screening.

Handle compliance more easily

Built-in workflows help you stay compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and local fair hiring laws.

Get data-driven insights

Analytics help you quickly identify hiring slowdowns, optimize processes, and find new ways to expand your talent pool.

Manage clients with confidence

Account hierarchy lets you easily manage screening programs for multiple clients across different industries.

Leading staffing companies trust Checkr

Both traditional and digital staffing companies benefit from Checkr’s modern platform to deliver fast, accurate background checks.

Customers experience improved performance and results with Checkr

Since switching to Checkr, customers in the staffing industry say they’ve experienced the following results:

have seen an improved candidate experience

have experienced cost savings

have seen improved accuracy on background checks 
have experienced a simplified screening workflow

“We’re able to hire larger workforces with less manual intervention”

Maximize the efficiency of your staffing business with a partner integration

Add Checkr to your preferred ATS, HR and onboarding systems – Checkr offers pre-built integrations with more than 100 partners, including those most commonly used in the staffing industry.

Screening resources for the staffing industry

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