Integrate Checkr faster and easier

Checkr Embeds is the quickest way to integrate background checks into your product without using an API. You’ll save key development time and go to market faster.

How Checkr Embeds helps you build quickly

Whether you’re creating a new product from scratch or revising an existing one, Checkr Embeds provides a turnkey way to build your integrations faster, while preserving the look and feel of your application.

Faster to market

Less engineering time means you’re up and running sooner. Checkr customers have seen launches only take a few weeks versus the multiple months required for an API integration.

Seamless brand integration

Adjust the look of Embeds to fit your business and product, ensuring that the experience feels consistent. Utilize full CSS access, inline/modal formats, and custom input labels.

Continuously updated

Never worry about keeping the integration updated. Embeds are kept automatically up-to-date by our team. Whenever new features are released, your product will instantly get updated.

Bundle with APIs

If your product integration needs can’t be fully covered by Embeds, elements of the Checkr API can be integrated using a hybrid solution that will continue to save you time and resources.

Compliant and research based

Embeds were designed by our background check experts to support your compliance needs and you can rest assured the systems are designed with the most common use cases and safest defaults.

Built by the industry tech leader

There's a reason Checkr powers 95% of the gig economy companies. We developed the first background check API and continue to lead the industry by developing cutting edge tech solutions.

Less than half the integration time of an API

3 months

Average Checkr API integration build time

15-30 days

Average Checkr Embeds integration build time

“We had a wonderful experience with the Checkr team. They were clear in explaining integration options to us and quickly answering questions. Thanks to Embeds, the integration with Checkr was seamless!”
Courtney Revercomb
Client Solutions Manager, JobDiva

Checkr Embeds Dramatically Decreases JobDiva’s Integration Time

Read how a leading global applicant tracking system integrated Checkr Embeds.

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