Technology for greater speed, accuracy, and compliance

The background check industry has been waiting for an upgrade. Checkr’s machine learning models and real-time data network bring greater speed, scale, and flexibility to your hiring workflow.

AI-powered core

Legacy background checks require manually pulling data from disparate sources, sorting through inconsistent language, and managing ever-evolving local compliance laws. We’ve rebuilt the background check to:

Automatically standardize charge data

Checkr’s charge classifier uses machine learning to quickly categorize criminal charges, making charge language clearer and reducing the amount of time spent on manual review.

Accurately predict report completion ETAs

Using millions of data points from county courts, Checkr ETA helps you facilitate a better candidate experience and strategically plan start dates and interview pipelines.

Keep up with local compliance laws

Checkr’s compliance engine filters out any information that is not legally reportable, and we continuously update our products based on new regulatory developments

Real-time data network

Background checks are critical to gaining an understanding of your risk before hiring a candidate, but once a background check is complete, the results remain static and soon fall out of date.Our proprietary data network leverages multiple criminal data sources and the millions of background checks we process each month to help you stay on top of new, reportable charges connected to your workforce.

The first background check API

It all starts with a secure, always-on, flexible foundation. Checkr created the first scalable open API for background checks. Our APIs and integrations let you embed and connect with your core systems easily and automate hiring and onboarding workflows.

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