Dynamic compliance tools help you hire faster

Background checks are bound by a stack of regulatory requirements that change frequently and vary region to region. These are not only a headache for hiring teams, but can also expose your company to compliance risk.

Checkr’s compliance tools combine the power of technology with the confidence of human review, helping you mitigate risk, increase efficiency, and hire faster.

Lower your compliance risk with technology

Disclosure and consent

Checkr offers electronic template disclosure notices and consent forms, including evergreen consent language, which you can customize to fit your business needs.

Assessment tools

Our assessment tools help you focus your attention on records that are relevant to your hiring decision, reducing risk, bias, and human error.

Online adverse action

Checkr's online adverse action tools help you save time and enable compliance by generating candidate notifications and managing mandatory waiting periods automatically.

Individualized assessments

Our individualized assessment tools help you more easily manage and catalog adjudication notes for every candidate, lowering compliance risk, and helping hiring teams stay organized.


State of Screening Compliance | 2024

A new survey report highlights seven key insights into how organizations are managing background check compliance.

Managing regional compliance regulations

The Checkr platform accounts for reporting regulations based on location and can dynamically generate regional compliance forms you need to hire seamlessly. Our machine learning tools also categorize criminal charges from jurisdictions across the US to help reduce time spent on manual review.  

Additionally, our team of legal experts continuously monitor for changes in legislation and update our platform accordingly. 

Combining the strength of technology with the expertise of data engineers

Checkr's machine learning creates powerful efficiencies, but human review also plays an important role. We leverage our Quality Assurance team to manually review certain background check reports before completion to ensure reporting accuracy and completeness. This, coupled with routine audits, creates a continuous feedback loop to further improve compliance.

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Checkr’s adjudication products

Checkr’s suite of adjudication tools helps your team focus and move quickly without sacrificing safety and compliance. 

Checkr Assess

Checkr offers three tiers of Assess to accommodate your organization’s adjudication needs, whether they’re simple or complex.

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