We’re on a mission to build a fairer future

We know background checks have a reputation. We’re here to change that.
With technology and built-in fairness, we’re not only making the whole process vastly more efficient, but more importantly, we’re making it more human.

Time to move forward

What do we miss when we define others by a single story?

We stand for fair access to work

We modernize

Our industry needs rethinking. Background checks have traditionally been clunky, expensive, hard to scale, and confusing. We’re here to fix that.

We unblock

We remove obstacles and unblock potential. Our products are designed to make our customers more productive and create new opportunities for people who have been kept out of the workforce.

We advance

We provide you with the solutions you need to give you a competitive advantage. With Checkr, make faster and fairer hiring decisions.

All people deserve a chance at a first-class life

Daniel and Jonathan met in 2013 while working as engineers for a gig start-up. There, they discovered the traditional background check was slow, manual, and designed to “screen-out” candidates, not “screen-in”; that many qualified individuals were being turned away from jobs just because of a criminal record.

They knew background checks could be faster—and fairer. So they set out on their own with new principles to disrupt the old way of thinking and began building a solution to provide people with greater access to meaningful employment without sacrificing accuracy.

The result? Checkr, an API first technology platform that combines the best in human expertise, AI, and machine learning. With fairness embedded and a focus on the candidate experience, Checkr makes it easy for people to understand reports and make fair decisions.

Checkr is uniquely positioned to combat human bias in hiring that prevents candidates from being considered for gainful employment. Daniel and Jonathan have spent the last eight years building an innovative product that seeks to support a fairer future by designing technology to create opportunities for all.

We’re hiring!

Our flexible work environment welcomes employees from across the globe and at our headquarters in San Francisco and Denver.

Core values we live by


We are respectful and free from arrogance. We put the success of our teams over our own and are excited to learn from each other.


We trust each other to communicate the good and the bad as it relates to doing our best work. We aren’t afraid to voice our opinions and are receptive to feedback.


We are passionate and hustle to raise the bar. We persevere through our challenges and grow from our failures.


We care deeply about each other and the people we serve. We celebrate our lived experiences and look for opportunities to help and support each other.


We strive for thoughtful impact and hold ourselves accountable. We step up and take on new challenges to help further the success of our customers.

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