Solutions to support trust, safety, and payments in the gig economy

The leader in gig worker background checks, Checkr’s suite of API-accessible tools includes community screenings and payment tools, all fitting seamlessly into your product.

On-demand and marketplace companies rely on Checkr

Evaluate candidates in record time with informed automation

Checkr disrupted background checks by incorporating automation into a historically cumbersome process. Checkr’s technology-led approach allows your team to hire safely and provide a delightful experience for your earners.

Accelerated turnaround times

Machine learning normalizes charge data and AI-powered tools accelerate candidate decisions.

Get earners to work faster

Our technology-led approach means 89% of national criminal record checks complete within one hour.

Comprehensive reports delivered quickly

75% of reports are completed within 1 day, 90% of reports are completed within 4 days.

Operations that scale with your growing business

Built on a foundation of best-in-class technology and innovation, Checkr has perfected our suite of products for gig and marketplace companies.

The first background check API

Checkr built the first background check API and runs more than 95% of gig economy background checks. 

Stability you can depend on

A proven ability to handle high volumes, deliver trusted up-time, and leverage reliable data.

Fits seamlessly in your platform

Checkr’s API-first infrastructure gives you the ability to customize your ecosystem’s experience and manage your data.

Hear from our customers

The fast, safe, secure, and complete solution for your marketplace

Ensure your ecosystem’s safety

Checkr’s robust range of checks help assess an earner’s ability to get the job done safely, and can continuously monitor for changes. 

Two-sided marketplaces extend protection to marketplace earners with Checkr Trust safety screenings.

Reduce your effort, improve satisfaction

Accelerate report reviews and drastically reduce adjudicator’s manual evaluation with fine-grained filters that only show relevant records. 

Drive higher completion rates and remove work from in-house teams with our mobile-first candidate experience and live candidate support.

Optimize your earner experience

Background checks aren’t the only step in converting a candidate to an earner on your platform.

Create a stellar earner experience with Checkr Pay by embedding payments into your existing app. Payments can be made instantly to a Checkr debit card at the end of their shift, helping them access their money faster and helping you retain top earners.

Resources for on-demand and marketplace companies

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