Diversity and inclusion

Why it’s at the core of everything we do.

Every product decision we make at Checkr is aligned with our mission to support fair, diverse, and inclusive hiring. We’re also always keeping your business in mind. We want to make sure you aren’t missing out on talent, or the benefits that come with inclusive hiring.

We’re proud to say that last year alone, Checkr and our customers unblocked more than 1.5 million candidates who were seeking meaningful employment. What’s more exciting is that supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace benefits businesses, too.

Why focus on diversity and inclusion in hiring?

Supporting diversity and inclusion isn’t just the right thing to do — there’s a strong business case for it, too. Companies that focus on cultivating a diverse and inclusive workplace earn greater trust and commitment from their employees, and are often better able to meet their customers' needs. Want even more reasons to try it? Keep reading.

Get the Work Opportunity Tax Credit

Businesses who practice diversity and inclusion hiring practices may become eligible for the Work Opportunity Tax Credit, giving them up to $9,600 per eligible employee.

Keep your best employees

Businesses with strong diversity, equity, and inclusion practices are able to reduce employee attrition by 73%.

Outperform the competition

Companies with a more diverse workforce outperform those without by 36% in profitability, according to research by McKinsey.

Support for fair hiring, built-in

We build diversity and inclusion best practices directly into our product so it’s easier for businesses to execute. Here’s how our features benefit you, and how Checkr is taking a stand for fair hiring.

Smarter Adjudication
Candidate Stories
Unbiased AI
Informed Decisions

Expand your hiring funnel with smarter adjudication

Optimize your hiring funnel so you aren’t overlooking qualified candidates. Powerful data-driven analytics let you see hiring patterns and predict their impact before you change your hiring criteria.

Get the full picture with candidate stories

Candidates can provide context to their background checks that help you make more informed hiring decisions, and give people a fair chance at their futures.

Say goodbye to unconscious bias through AI

Artificial intelligence technology automates much of Checkr’s screening process, so you’re not at risk of unconscious bias in hiring.

Make more informed decisions about prior offenses

Checkr uses natural language processing (NLP), so it’s easier to read more detailed information about any offense a background check turns up, and make more informed decisions.

Checkr steps up to expunge marijuana records

Checkr is paying for the expungement of misdemeanor marijuana records in California for qualified candidates. Why so direct an action? Because we believe in removing barriers to employment and widening your talent pool. Expunging non-relevant records gives eligible candidates greater access to meaningful employment so they can rebuild their lives, their futures, and their communities.

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Get started with diverse and inclusive hiring

Checkr’s innovative technology can help build more inclusive and diverse hiring practices into your business. Contact us, and we’ll help you get started.